Hunkin for gardening products, farm products
Glasshouses, greenhouses
Solar powered irrigation for greenhouses, hanging baskets etc
Fruit & vegetable cages
Bean & pea support frames
Rabbit and possum repellent.
Grazers slug & snail repellent
LPG weed burner
Solar pumps
Mantis tillers & cultivators
Hunkin trimmer mower
DR trimmers and mowers
Porous Pipe irrigation
Misting unit
Tunnel / Polytunnels 3.7m and 4.9m wide
Animal Field Shelters
Bait stations, pest control
Miniature Herefords
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About us

our officeThirty years ago life was much different for us. I was the New Zealand service manager for a computer imaging company in the printing industry and Melanie was at home looking after our 11-month-old daughter. I was away working so much I was not seeing my daughter grow up, so we made the decision to start Hunkin Garden Products Ltd. Melanie would go back to work from maternity leave and I would become a house husband, look after our daughter, and start the business.

Life for me became a mixture of pooey nappies, housework and a mail order business. It was a great experience looking after my daughter and I soon became the fix-it man at the local playcentre. Every playcentre needs at least one token bloke.

Thirty years on Melanie and I have two children, and I now work full time in the business that operates from our home on a 8-hectare block on the side of the Waikato River in Tuakau. From day one we decided our point of difference would be that we would only sell reliable practical products, and the only way to determine this, was to use the products ourselves on our own farm. Melanie to this day still thinks it was just a great excuse for me to own lots of farm and garden equipment.

Since those early days the company has grown and we now offer a range of practical products. We knew we had to overcome the perception that purchasing a machine from a dealer where you could see the product was safer than purchasing from a picture in a catalogue. Since we use our equipment ourselves, we knew it was good, so we decided to offer a right of return on all machinery - a first for New Zealand. To this day I think we are the only company with enough confidence in our equipment to let customers try the machines for themselves on their own property for a month. And while this could be open to abuse, we believe most people are honest. After all, customers trust us to supply the goods when they send their money.

All of our products are now on this web site with pricing. By using the links on the left of this page you can go from product to product. You can order on line, fax or post the printable order form or phone us on our order line 0800 14 48 65. We accept cash, cheques, Visa and Mastercard. You can also deposit directly into our bank account, email us for bank account details.

To print out our order form, please open the following PDF file:
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This form is written in Acrobat Reader PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader software on your computer, it can be downloaded free by clicking on the Adobe button. get adobe reader

Graham and Melanie Hunkin
Hunkin Garden Products Ltd
PO Box 80
New Zealand