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Bait stations, pest control

Rodents and other pests can cause a lot of damage if left uncontrolled. There are various methods of control, but the main ones are trapping and poisoning. If using either method care must be taken to make sure the target species and only the target species is affected. We have a range of bait stations, some with locking mechanisms to make sure that children and pets cannot get at the bait. This is very important as some of the block baits smell just like chocolate, though some may have some sort of bittering agent to stop children and pets from eating them. However, locking the bait station will add extra security.


Mouse bait station with key lock. Top picture shows the station open with blue block bait for illustration. Small hole and bait in seperate compartment keeps the weather from the bait. Mice love running through narrow passages.

Approximate size 350mmL x 220mmW x 110mmH

Only $10.00 plus $7.00 P&P

Rural delivery plus $4.00



Simple rat and mouse bait station, not lockable. This is best used where the public are not likely to encounter it. Shown with blue block bait for illustration. Ramps keep the weather out. Place against a wall.

Approximate size 220mmL x 85mmW x 95mmH

Only $10.50 plus $7.00 P&P

Rural delivery plus $4.00


Rat and mouse station. Blue block baits are mounted on a metal rail to prevent rodents from taking away the bait to areas where non target species can get access to it. Supplied with 4 pins to secure the unit. Bait is kept away from the weather.