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Hunkin Trimmer Mower or Line Mower

Sorry all sold out. We won't be stocking these anymore.

If you are looking for a basic machine then it is hard to go past the Hunkin Trimmer Mower.

A genuine Rato RV170 (173cc) engine (called a VIPER in the USA) powers the trimmer mower. The engine is an overhead valve (OHV) design. Direct overhead valve engines, when compared to side valve engines have more torque per cc and are more fuel efficient due to improved gas flow inside the cylinder.


Please note the maximum slope for operation is 20 degrees for the machine. Intermittant 25 degrees. To find out why click here (PDF file).

The machine weighs approximately 32kgs and the large 350mm wheels carry nearly all this weight. This makes the machine very easy to push and is a far better way to cut long grass than the smokey noisy two-stroke hand held machines that are quite common. With a cutting width of 460mm it is also gets the job done a lot faster. Please note this is a push mower and is not self-propelled. Get fitter and burn off those calories.

The steel mowball prevents scalping and sets the height at which the grass will be cut. It can be set between 38 and 76mm so there is plenty of adjustment. The handlebars are adjustable with all the controls in easy reach of the operator. A safety bail bar / lever combination stops accidental starting of the trimming head and stops it should you slip over.


The line is a lot thicker (4mm) than thin standard trimmer line and up to 4 times stronger so it lasts a lot longer in the machine (this of course is dependent on the type of material being cut). Changing the line is easy. No jamming line dispensers, just thread the line through and you are done. No knots to weaken the line. The cord retaining system is made of steel, not plastic. Bulk line is available from Stihl shops.


We have done quite a lot of testing on this machine, mowing down weeds and grass on our neighbour's frontage and also taming our own orchard. The weeds and grasses were about 300mm high (some taller) with some really tough grasses and thick stalky weeds. We expected the machine to struggle and thought we would have lots of string breakages. To our surprise the machine just sliced through the grass. We were really impressed and excited to find a cheaper trimmer mower that could compete with the more expensive machines.

The following pictures show the machine with the covers off. A large cast alloy bearing support is at the front of the machine to support the trimmer head and it is bolted with 12mm bolts to the pressed steel body. A heavy duty 16mm keyed shaft does the driving. The idler pulleys are on roller bearings and act as a clutch by tightening the belt. The steel mowball can be adjusted up and down the shaft to alter the grass cutting height.

We are holding an extensive range of spare parts for these mowers, belts, wheels, pulleys etc.

All machines are checked over and started before they leave Hunkin Garden Products. A small tool kit and engine oil is supplied with the machine.

WARRANTY We are confident enough offer our exclusive 1 month right of return and a 12 month warranty for domestic use. 90 days warranty for commercial use. All faulty items returned to us are at the customer's expense, we will pay the return freight.


Use the Hunkin Trimmer on your own property for a month and if you are not happy then return it in good working order for a refund, excluding freight. We expect it to be used (how else are you going to be able to evaluate it) , but not abused. It must be returned in a saleable condition with all manuals and packaging. If you are tempted to purchase a "look alike" product, make sure you get the same money back trial period to avoid disappointment. Perhaps you can trial them side by side and then choose, that's how confident we are.

With a truck being charged by the kilometre or at an hourly rate, making a delivery for items out of town gets expensive, so we offer a couple of delivery options. If you are not on a rural address please use the town delivery option. If you are rural and want a door to door service please call us for a quote. You can save quite a bit of money if you can have the machine delivered to a town location and pick the machine up yourself. You can get a DR Trimmer machine with packaging into a 1989 Toyota Starlet hatch with the back seats down for instance.
The dimensions of the machines are:
Machine including packaging 870mm(34.5") L x 530mm(20.5") H x 520mm(21") W, approx. 32kg

Follow the link to find a depot , use "all" when asked for a category near you. Mainfreight depots


Specifications: Red body

Engine 173cc RATO RV170 (VIPER) 4-stroke OHV
Oil sump capacity 600 mls
Max torque 9.00Nm, @2500rpm (it is torque that does the cutting, not horse power)
Wheel diameter 350mm (14") ball bearing
Cutting height 38mm to 76mm adjustable
Cutting width up to 457mm (18"), width of machine 500mm
Cutting head speed approx 3,600 rpm
Frame Pressed steel
Weight   32kg


Cut through the hype

Please note we rate our engines by torque (turning force) as this is what does the cutting. The use of horsepower can make something look more powerful than it is, as engine revs are part of the horsepower calculation. For example; an engine rated a 7 ft lbs torque can be listed as being 4.7Hp, if the power is measured at 3500 rpm. Exactly the same engine is rated 4Hp at 3000rpm. So by rating your engine at higher revs you can make the engine look better, so always compare torque. To be honest, even though manufacturers make all sorts of claims, most engines all have about the same outputs for their cc rating, except when you compare side valve to OHV designs. There might be small differences, but you would be unlikey to notice.

Hunkin Trimmer (red body) with RATO RV170 engine. Price $875.00 inc GST plus freight.

Freight, packing and insurance:
NI freight to nearest major town or Mainfreight depot $186.00, NI freight rural delivery call us for a quote.
SI freight to nearest major town or Mainfreight Depot $220.00, SI freight rural delivery call us for a quote.

12 month warranty domestic use, 90 days commercial use.

If you prefer to transfer funds to our bank account instead of using a credit card please contact us with your name, address, phone number and what you wish to purchase and we will email you an invoice with our bank details.

Sorry all sold out. Not stocking anymore

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Spare trimmer steel mowball

Spare steel mowball for the bottom of your trimmer. The mowball is right hand thread, which means it tightens in use. If you have hit a lot of objects then it will be tight to get off.

Cost $12.50 plus $7.50 postage and packing. Rural delivery an additional $4.00


Looking for cutting line. Stihl shops in NZ have bulk 4mm line, but you might also like to try Nylsaw, I think it is amazing. I can't find any wholesale, so I don't sell it, but it is available on Ebay. Google Speed France Nylsaw Ebay. Available in 4mm and 3.5mm. 4mm its a bit more difficult to feed into the head, but being thicker it lasts longer. 4.5mm won't fit.


Customer comment

Hi Graham,

We have just got back from Waihi where I spent a couple of days getting used to my new mower. It is wonderful. I certainly won't be giving it back after one month. I have attached photos of the type of work I made it do on day one and it handled it very well (me not so well - gained a lot of new muscles). The close-up photo shows you how swampy and bumpy and horrible it is. Most of it isn't even grass either. It is really tough reeds and paspallum.

If you look over on the far side of the pond in the other photo you will see that it actually does give a reasonably manicured look on better, smoother soil with low grass, so I am happy on all counts. I love the way it throws the grass neatly to one side - makes it easy to pick up and use for sheet mulching elsewhere.

Dallas N