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Irrigatia Solar Automatic watering systems (new models under test)

We have parts to suport our exisitng cutomers and still have some accessories. Contact us for parts by email.

Seephose - or leaky hose as it is sometimes called

If you want to extend the water emission over a longer area then you can use the Irrigatia Seephose Extension kit that connects directly onto a dripper.

This is ideal for raised beds, seed trays or even tree root establishment.

You can connect up to 1m of seephose directly onto the dripper or a 2m length with a dripper at either end.

The Irrigatia Seephose Extension kit comes with 12m of seep hose , 12 stoppers, 2 connectors and 12 stakes.

Seephose extension kit $47.00 Postage and packaging $9.00. Rural delivery an additional $4.00 (NZ Post bag )

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IRR-IC - Intensive Care Plant Feeder

Liquid fertiliser delivered automatically to your plants providing the water and nutrients they require to be able to thrive.

Convenient, accurate and timely.

For best growth plants need a suitable environment - temperature, light, CO2 and humidity. Compost or soil provides the root environment, which needs a balance of air, water and nutrients for plants to thrive. It is the last two ingredients the Irrigatia SOL kits and Irrigatia "Intensive Care" (IC) are designed to provide. The SOL solar irrigation kit waters every 3 hours. It waters more when it is sunny, when plants use more water and fertiliser. Now with the IC kit connected, SOL kit can provide the fertiliser too, exactly where and when the plants need it.
There are other ways to do it, but none of them provide the combination of convenience, accuracy and timeliness that the Irrigatia system does.

The IC bag can be hung from a water barrel using the hooks provided or it can be hung from a nearby wall. The top of the bag should be at a similar height to the top of the barrel. It is better to hang the bag in the shade.
Fit the outlet pipe to the IC. The non-return valve should be fitted in this line, taking care to install it the right way around. The flow restrictor should be fitted in a similar way. It doesn't matter where in the line these go, but the non-return valve should be between the IC bag and flow restrictor.
The tube can then be connected to the inlet tube between the pump and water source.
A second non-return valve should be fitted somewhere between this tee and the inlet filter. The non-return valves prevent siphoning between the IC bag and water barrel.

What can I put in the IC?
Fully soluble fertlisers such as Miracle-Gro or Phostrogen etc. can be used. Also plant growth stimulants such as seaweed extract, humates and teas as long as they are fully soluble can also be used.

Using the IC
Only use fertlisers, which are fully soluble or already in liquid form.
The amount of fertiliser applied can be varied according to requirements, but we have found applying ¼ normal recommended strength to be successful. To achieve this, dissolve the recommended amount of fertiliser for 50 litres in a 10 litre watering can full of water. Fill the IC bag through the top cap. Top up with water. Ensure there is no air in the bag and replace the cap firmly.
Now when the pump is running fertiliser solution will be drawn from the IC bag and mixed with water from the water barrel at a ratio of approximately 10:1.

What if the IC bag runs empty?
If the bag runs empty the pump continues to pump normally, but will be watering with un-fertlised water. Re-fill the IC bag with fertiliser solution as soon as possible to maintain optimum growth.

Why only ¼ strength?
Because plants are being fertilised with every watering. Recommendations normally apply to periodic applications, with plain water being given in between. Maintaining a constant input of fertiliser and water is better for the plant.

IRR-IC - Intensive Care Plant Feeder. $79 inc GST
Postage and packaging NI $7 SI $12. Rural delivery extra $6.50

Please note: To prevent unnecessary delays please make sure you select the RD option if you are at a rural address.

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