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Clearance items

Heavy duty re-usable tree ties

In New Zealand's windy conditions it is essential to stake a newly planted tree or shrub for the first twelve months after planting. It is at this time that the newly planted tree or shrub is making new roots. Any large movements above ground due to wind may break these delicate new roots before they get large enough to support the plant. This has the effect of setting the plant back in its establishment and could in the future set the plant up for failure. The height of a tree stake should be no more than one third the height of the tree. Ties need to be loose enough to allow some movement, this actually strengthens the plant, but need to restrict large movements so the new roots are not damaged.

Our new tree ties do just that. Our heavy duty tree ties (tree chain) come as one continuous length on a 50m roll so you can cut off any length you need. The tree chain is made in Australia by the same people who make our Leeaky Hose, so you know it is UV stablised for NZ conditions. The ties are very strong (2.25mm thick and 28mm wide) and made of polyethylene.

To use, cut off what you need and simply push the end through one of the pre-moulded slots and lock it in place. To use again, unclip from the slot and attach it to the plant you want to establish. These ties will pay for themselves over and over again.

50m roll of tree chain $50.00 inc GST (that is less than $50 cents for a 330mm tie)
Postage and packaging NI $10 SI $15. Rural delivery extra $6.50

Please note: To prevent unnecessary delays please make sure you select the RD option if you are at a rural address.

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