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The DR® Trimmer/Mower™

After 17 years of selling DR trimmers in New Zealand we are no longer the agents. We are now concentrating on our Hunkin Trimmer Mower which is powered by a USA made Briggs and Stratton engine that is covered by a B&S world-wide warranty. This means the engine can be repaired under warranty by any authorised B&S dealer in NZ. While the machine is clearly Chinese made, in our view the build quality is much better than the DR Trimmer (which also has Chinese made parts, certainly not 100% USA made as claimed, assembled would be a more accurate word) and we therefore have no hesitation in offering our exclusive "right of return".

We are probably the only company in New Zealand who offer a right of return on machinery (Let us know if you find another company that does).

For those that have purchased DR Trimmers in the past we continue to hold a considerable number of spare parts. It is "first in first served" as we do not have any access to more parts once they run out. Call or email us with a part number.

If you are looking for a good quality trimmer mower with a "right of return" check out our Hunkin Trimmer Mower




trimmer-beaver bladePatented BEAVER BLADE® Attachment

The 300mm blade for all models of Trimmer/Mower cuts saplings up to 75mm thick. The BEAVER BLADE® uses a patented, circular, chainsaw-style chain-in-groove design. It has all the advantages of a chainsaw - it cuts quickly, it clears chips well so there's little risk of binding, and it's easy to sharpen in the field. The cutting blade is safely mounted in front of the machine - well away from you, the operator. Package includes a heavy-duty aluminium Mow Ball™ Support, a high tensile bolt, BEAVER BLADE® plus a sharpening file.

300mm BB Only $199.95 (very limited stock)
Postage packing and insurance NI $12.00, SI $20.00. Add $6.50 for rural

Choose a destination:

trimmer-rpm meterHour Meter

This highly accurate meter is specified for all the trimmers and can be attached to the machine. Records total hours of use, and alerts you when to change the oil and perform other standard maintenance

Hour Meter Only $89.95
Postage packing and insurance NI $5.00, SI $5.00

trimmer-bulk cordBulk Cord by the Roll

You can use your own line, but DR over 25 years have formulated this line, making it the best. Every DR® TRIMMER/MOWER™ comes with a few pre-cut green and blue spiral cords - to get you started. However, if you'd like to have extra cord on hand, consider buying in bulk and save by cutting your own.

Heavy-Duty (3.3mm orange, 36m) $39.95/roll
Heavy-Duty (4mm green, 30m) $45.95/roll
(sorry sold out)
Heavy-Duty (4.4mm blue spiral, 24m) $45.95/roll (sorry sold out)
Postage packing and insurance NI $6.50, SI $6.50

For 4mm line try a Stihl Shop.

Choose a colour: